Parking Permit

Parking Permits
Those Examinees coming to SSU with vehicles needing to park for a regular week and/or weekend testing will require a Parking Permit. Daily Parking Permits can be purchased and are printed from the parking permit machines in the SSU general parking lots.

Permits can be also obtained at the Parking Information Centers or from the Parking Management Bureau online.

Daily General Parking Fees: $5.00
Parking Lots designated 'Reserved' are $8.00 per day.

Buy Permit Online
Examinees can purchase an SSU Daily Parking Permits online ahead of time and printout at home. The Daily Parking Permit has to be for the specific date visiting the campus. The link is at the following URL address.

The Parking Information Centers on campus can be found at the south entrance to campus off East Cotati Avenue at Redwood Drive, near the flagpole. The other one is at the north entrance of campus off Rohnert Park Expressway across from the Green Music Center.

Parking Information Centers on campus provide faculty, staff, students and guests with directions and information.
For weekly scheduled proctored exams for a fee, report to Rachel Carson Hall 60.
-Best location to park nearest Carson Hall 60 is PARKING LOT A

(Map Link: Rachel Carson Hall 60 -Testing Office)